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A recent PRNewswire article stated how the US Money Reserve partnered with the Austin Disaster Network (ADRN) to raise more than $215000 for Hurricane Harvey victims. The US Money Reserve matched all donations up to $100000. This company matched donations through its YouCaring page.


On August 25, 2017, a category 4 hurricane hit Texas, and this is referred to Hurrican Harvey. This hurricane reached its peak on September the 1st in which 1/3 of Houston was underwater. And as a result, 39,000 of Houston residents were forced to leave their homes and move into shelters due to flooding.


This article then gave contact information for those wanting to gain more information about this situation or to speak with US Money Reserve’s leadership. The contact info is [email protected] for Christol Farris, [email protected] for Lacy Janason, dial 512-568-9991 for either one of these individuals, or visit


About US Money Reserve


Found in 2001 and based in Austin, Texas, U.S. Money Reserve is one of the country’s biggest private distributors of US government issued silver, platinum, and gold products. They also has grown into being one of the globally biggest private distributors of foreign and US government issued silver, gold, and platinum legal tender products. Their clientele base among clients in the US is in the 100s of thousands range. They rely on this organization for asset diversification with primarily US silver and gold coins and other precious metals.


Their staff consist of highly trained experts in numismatic and coin research and market knowledge to discover products offering the highest potential of profit for every level of precious metals buyers. US Money Reserve exceeds the industry standards in offering top-notch customer service. They work hard doing this with the goal to establish a long-term relationship with all their clients. For more information and to connect with them, they can be liked and followed on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.




As the US Money Reserve continues to grow, they are giving back to others in dire straits. They also continue to make their clients more profitable through investing in worthwhile precious metals. Leran more: