Why Todd Lubar is Advocating for the Adoption of Technology in the Real Estate Industry

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Todd Lubar is known in Baltimore area as a prominent professional in the real estate industry. Mr. Lubar went to schools in New Jersey, Washington D.C, and New York. He uses his experience in the different cities to come up with the best deals for clients. Todd believes that eventually, all homes will become smart homes and has tapped into the emerging market of turning disused structures of Baltimore into smart homes.

The cost of living in Baltimore is much lower as compared to other cities, and Todd Lubar uses this as a point of convincing potential clients. Many millennial have accepted the offer and are taking advantage of the low cost of living in Baltimore. According to Patch.com, the city is friendly for entrepreneurs and innovative individuals providing them with a good market for their products and services. Mr. Lubar surrounds himself with people who share the same vision with him.

Recently, Todd Lubar emphasized the need to adopt smart home technologies. He demonstrated how the inventions of entrepreneurs trigger significant changes. Mr. Lubar gives an example of the steam engine which revolutionized water and ground transportation and created employment opportunities for many people. Every time there is a new technological innovation, jobs are lost, but several new ones are created in the long run.

Apart from the creation of employment, another benefit of technological innovation is the goods and services that are produced. New products have improved the living conditions and health of consumers across the world, and the developing nations are quickly catching up. Smart home technology is the most recent technological innovation in the real estate industry. It is a category of home furnishings and devices that pair with smart devices and provides home owners the opportunity to control their homes from any part of the world. The smart homes use devices that are connected to Facebook, the internet, and the main base is a desktop computer or mobile device.

Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Global Ventures and is also the senior vice president at Legendary Investments. He graduated with B.A from Syracuse University. Todd Lubar has worked in different organizations in various capacities that include serving as the vice president of Charter Funding.