Securus Should Secure More Government Contracts Because Its Technology Makes Us Safer

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There are giants of telecommunication out there; multi-million dollar companies that you may have never heard of. These massive companies provide inmates all over the country with telephone and internet services. It’s big business. The largest of them all, Global Tel-Link, pulls in more than $500 million per year.


Unfortunately, Global Tel-Link gives the industry a bad name. These massive companies wedge themselves into a position of power through government contracts that make them the only provider of services to a particular facility. The inmates are forced to do business with the company that owns the contract.


On the flip side, you have a company like Securus. Securus Technologies prioritizes its relationship with their customers by providing high-quality services, reasonable prices and by employing the largest customer service call center in the industry. By all accounts, prisoners and their families are happy to do business with Securus. They even maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau in Texas.


Securus also assists law enforcement through technology. Take the video chat service, for example. Each video chat is recorded by Securus to be used for law enforcement. Securus provides law enforcement with a voice search tool. The software locks on to a particular voice and is then capable of searching the recorded calls for that voice. This technology has allowed officers to identify criminal plans before they go into effect.


Securus treats our prison population humanely. The company also goes out of its way to assist law enforcement in stopping crimes before they take place. It seems that more government contracts should be issued to Securus to make us all safer.




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  1. Global Tel-Link abuses this position of power by providing inferior services, ridiculously high prices and terrible customer service. They also don’t do a whole lot when it comes to assisting law enforcement. In fact, I will also assume that the best essay writing would have most of these things written down for them in a nice manner and cause that to happen also.

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