Merging of Securus Technologies and JPay: A Change for the Future

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For Robert Johnson, who has used the Securus Technologies in the past to use the Wireless Containment System to access cell phones to detect them than stop the cell phone calls of inmates, Securus Technologies was a way to help take his vengeance on the inmates who broke into his home. In the past, his home was broken into, scaring both himself, his wife, and his child. Johnson was also shot during the home invasion, which initially led to several major changes in his life.


Recently, Securus Technologies has made a huge announcement that they would be signing a purchase agreement that requires them to pay the company they signed with, JPay Inc. Both companies offer services and products to inmates across the globe to give them more things to fill their time to help eliminate downtime, which is the perfect opportunity to get into major trouble.


Since Securus Technologies is one of the leading and fastest growing companies in corrections technology. It makes sense that they would want to further expand their brand and their footprint. Johnson, who had experienced a traumatic event because of an inmate, chose to help expand the company as well by working as a paid consultant for Securus Technologies. With his help, Johnson and Securus Technologies have blocked up to 1.7 calls from inmates everywhere using their system.


JPay is a company that provides inmates with email, tablets, and payments for more than 1.6 million inmates across the globe. Their mission is to provide these services and products to the corrections facilities to help reduce waste and recidivism and even help stop crime by giving the inmates something to occupy their time with.


Together, Securus Technologies and JPay Inc. will work to help stop crimes, provide entertainment to inmates, and prevent future crimes from happening because of calls made to unknown numbers. JPay will work as it always does, and Securus Technologies will continue their work as well. Both companies hope that their combining will help boost both companies together as a unit instead of struggling to make ends meet.


Robert Johnson, along with other employees from both companies will begin to see the changes in the coming years as they begin to merge to create a new company that serves both inmates and people outside. These innovations will bring about a new wave of modern jails and prisons who can offer the inmates some form of entertainment to keep them occupied as they go throughout their days.


All calls and usage will be monitored, per Securus Technologies’ company description, so the inmates will remain restricted without leaving them with the opportunity to get in trouble. It is safe