Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund Journey to Migrants Achievements in Arizona

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Larkin & Larcey Frontera Fund was established or instead co-founded by two intense and very close journalists by the name Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey both from Arizona.

Arizona borders Mexico country where migrants rules have been ignored entirely or rather a place where racism thrives. They found it essential to establish a fund that would enable them to curb this menace. They have also co-founded Phoenix News-Times and also the famous Village Voice Media.

The two famous journalists formed the Frontera Fund a name which was gotten for a Mexican term “la línea Frontera”. They had been arrested by the Mexican ex-Sheriff called Arpaio. They were compensated because of a wrongful arrest and decided to form the now Larkin & Larcey Frontera Fund. They firmly believe in the migrant’s rights and also better and proper treatments.

They are at the forefront fighting for the migrants’ civil and human rights as well as immigration and also protecting them from freedom of speech that in the past has been misappropriated. They also help in fighting for the freedom of speech for the American citizens at large. Their mission is usually driven by courage and determination that makes their Fund movement so strong.

Larkin & Lacey has not been able to support so many organizations, but in the real sense, there is a very active youth-led group of immigration in the Arizona by the name Arizona DREAM Act Coalition. They help in fighting for the rights of the youths who are immigrating and seeking for formal employment in the United States primarily in Arizona.

The coalition was founded by unregistered students and has kept the group’s fire alive and also very active. The group aim was to fight a draconian law that was passed in the year 2006 that demanded these undocumented students pay more for Tuition fees so that they could qualify to join these Universities. The judge usually denies them a right from receiving scholarships that are based on success. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

These students decided not to wait further for the recognition and concluded that through DREAM group, they would be able to achieve anything as far as they are committed to. Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund also supports ACLU of Arizona.

The team has been active or somewhat in existence since the year 1959 and has also been on record fighting against injustices across the whole globe that are targeted towards the minorities across the states of Arizona. They have successfully fought for what is theirs and have tremendously achieved regarding bringing justice to these people.

They once, in 1960 succeeded to overturn a case whose mission was to ban several or rather multi-racial marriages. The achievements have been tremendous and have been witnessed by many American citizens.

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