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Healthcare is one of the most important things an individual needs no matter the race, color, or creed. Without access to healthcare, the out of pocket expenses could mentally and physically drain you. Have you ever heard of InnovaCare Health? Well, InnovaCare healthcare management at it’s finest and it gives access to high quality to Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Plans. These cost affective models creates sustainability in an ever changing health market. All of the companies models are fully integrated with the most advanced technologies of today as well. InnovaCare provides two of the best Medicare Plans in Puerto Rico, PMC Medicare Choice & MMM Healthcare, which has around 200,000 people being served by a huge network of 7,500 providers.

Of course being such a successful high profile company, great leadership plays a key role and InnovaCare is no exception. President and (CEO) Dr. Richard Shinto is a well respected M.D. that has more than 20 years of operational and clinical experience in this industry. Dr. Shinto stated as pulmonologist and internist is Southern California. Having such a strong passion and dedication, Dr. Shinto moved up the food chain throughout the years and has held some prestigious position such as (CEO) of Aveta Inc, Chief Medical Officer of NAMM California, Corporate Vice President of for MedPartners, and many more. This accomplished individual on has a (BS) from The University of California at Irvine as well as an M.B.A from The University of Redlands. To top it off he’s the author of many healthcare and clinical medicine articles.

Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare and has more than 20 years of experience in healthcare specialized government programs. Her talent focuses on organizational infrastructures and improving efficiencies with extensive knowledge operations, clinical programs, and process management. Before joining Innovacare she was the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Centerlight Healthcare. Kokkinides fits in great as she has a talent for implementing and developing healthcare models on This highly accomplished woman has a Master’s Degree in Public Health Columbia University School of Health, a Bachelors Degree in Biological Sciences, as well as a Master’s Degree in Social Work from New York University.

This advanced organization is leading the way into the 21st Century and is laying a successful blueprint for to follow. Source:

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