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Doe Deere spent her entire childhood in Russia. At her later teenage years, she moved to New York and currently, she lives in Los Angeles. From a tender age, Doe had a dream to become a musician. Her undeterred ambition and impetus to succeed saw her become a renowned artist when she immigrated to the United States of America.

Her career as a musician saw her interact with people from all walks of life who attended her events. By intermingling with these folk, Doe Deere developed her knowledge on career and marketing. Armed with these essential skills, Doe decided to venture into entrepreneurship, specifically in the makeup industry. However, this was not her pioneer enterprise. In her native by her classmates, her outlet gained massive popularity.

Having spent fourteen years of her life in New York, Doe grew fond of the city. During her time at the Metropolis, she lived in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Apart from being a source of income, music was the platform on which Doe met her significant other. She met her future husband at the band she was working with. Both were songwriters at the time, and they developed a close relationship which eventually ended up in marriage.

As a relatively prosperous woman, Doe’s advice to other go-getting females is to be relentless in pursuit of their passion. She believes that every individual has a unique talent that if nurtured can reach great heights. Her prosperous venture, Lime Crime, was established when she realized that her thinking was at par with other people’s ideas around the globe. She noticed that most of the players in the makeup industry did not embrace bright colors in their designs, and decided to try it out. The experiment was a great success, as many clients were attracted to the striking colors.

To Doe, makeup is a way through which women express themselves. Coupled up with fashion and hair styles, makeup is a mirror through which people can see the inner being in a woman.

About Lime Crime

Lime Crime is a digital trailblazer in the makeup industry. Inspired by the latest trends, the firm promises to deliver products that make their clients stand out from the crowd.


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