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For Robert Johnson, who has used the Securus Technologies in the past to use the Wireless Containment System to access cell phones to detect them than stop the cell phone calls of inmates, Securus Technologies was a way to help take his vengeance on the inmates who broke into his home. In the past, his home was broken into, scaring both himself, his wife, and his child. Johnson was also shot during the home invasion, which initially led to several major changes in his life.


Recently, Securus Technologies has made a huge announcement that they would be signing a purchase agreement that requires them to pay the company they signed with, JPay Inc. Both companies offer services and products to inmates across the globe to give them more things to fill their time to help eliminate downtime, which is the perfect opportunity to get into major trouble.


Since Securus Technologies is one of the leading and fastest growing companies in corrections technology. It makes sense that they would want to further expand their brand and their footprint. Johnson, who had experienced a traumatic event because of an inmate, chose to help expand the company as well by working as a paid consultant for Securus Technologies. With his help, Johnson and Securus Technologies have blocked up to 1.7 calls from inmates everywhere using their system.


JPay is a company that provides inmates with email, tablets, and payments for more than 1.6 million inmates across the globe. Their mission is to provide these services and products to the corrections facilities to help reduce waste and recidivism and even help stop crime by giving the inmates something to occupy their time with.


Together, Securus Technologies and JPay Inc. will work to help stop crimes, provide entertainment to inmates, and prevent future crimes from happening because of calls made to unknown numbers. JPay will work as it always does, and Securus Technologies will continue their work as well. Both companies hope that their combining will help boost both companies together as a unit instead of struggling to make ends meet.


Robert Johnson, along with other employees from both companies will begin to see the changes in the coming years as they begin to merge to create a new company that serves both inmates and people outside. These innovations will bring about a new wave of modern jails and prisons who can offer the inmates some form of entertainment to keep them occupied as they go throughout their days.


All calls and usage will be monitored, per Securus Technologies’ company description, so the inmates will remain restricted without leaving them with the opportunity to get in trouble. It is safe



When we noticed a spike in crimes in our city, we deployed a team of investigators to try and put a stop to the incidents. I was part of that team, and we began our efforts trying to get a read on who was responsible for the crimes. It came to be that a local gang was trying to expand their territory, and when they crossed over the boundaries of a rival gang, all hell broke loose. In order to get back control of the city and prevent further crimes, we needed to find the guilty parties and make arrests.


The trouble with gang violence is you never get help from informants for a number of reasons. Either these folks do not want to turn in friends or they are in fear of their family becoming the targets of violence. If we were going to break this case open, we needed to get the word on who we should start focusing on. We decided to try and get some inmates in the local jail to talk to us about the gangs.


The minute we arrived, the gangs behind bars ignored our request for a meeting, they wouldn’t even speak when we were present. It appeared their leader told everyone to be completely quiet, and they certainly were. Lucky for my team, we knew that Securus Technologies installed their monitoring system throughout the facility. This Dallas-based monitoring company already places these systems in 2,500 jails, and it was going to be the key resource in our efforts to stop crimes in the city from continuing.


Once the LBS software began scanning the calls, one low-level gang member lost control and began ranting to his family how his cousin needs to stop with those crimes because the leaders are coming down hard on him. With that lead, we followed the cousin and caught him in the act that week.


There are giants of telecommunication out there; multi-million dollar companies that you may have never heard of. These massive companies provide inmates all over the country with telephone and internet services. It’s big business. The largest of them all, Global Tel-Link, pulls in more than $500 million per year.


Unfortunately, Global Tel-Link gives the industry a bad name. These massive companies wedge themselves into a position of power through government contracts that make them the only provider of services to a particular facility. The inmates are forced to do business with the company that owns the contract.


On the flip side, you have a company like Securus. Securus Technologies prioritizes its relationship with their customers by providing high-quality services, reasonable prices and by employing the largest customer service call center in the industry. By all accounts, prisoners and their families are happy to do business with Securus. They even maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau in Texas.


Securus also assists law enforcement through technology. Take the video chat service, for example. Each video chat is recorded by Securus to be used for law enforcement. Securus provides law enforcement with a voice search tool. The software locks on to a particular voice and is then capable of searching the recorded calls for that voice. This technology has allowed officers to identify criminal plans before they go into effect.


Securus treats our prison population humanely. The company also goes out of its way to assist law enforcement in stopping crimes before they take place. It seems that more government contracts should be issued to Securus to make us all safer.




This letter is a thank you Securus Technology. Because of you, My small child and I were able to visit my fiance who is serving in prison. I was not aware that such a program even existed. My fiance is the father of our child and he was not able to be present during the birth process. He was very sad about it and I became depressed. Due to complications of my pregnancy, I was not able to recover as quickly as I expected. However, one of my friends told me about Securus Technolgy. I spoke to my fiance about it and he got me more information. I was put in contact with the right people from the prison institution and was approved for a video visit. How happy I was because it was just in time for the Christmas holidays.I was given an appointed time for the video visit just like it would be if I was there in person.


Thanks to Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit program, I was able to see my fiance. We had not seen one another in a few months due to the complications of my pregnancy. I couldn’t hold back the tears.We had a wonderful visit. It was great to see him live and not just hear his voice over the phone.I really wanted to surprise him with a visit for Christmas, although I wasn’t feeling well myself. Because of the Securus Technologies, my Christmas Video Visit will make this year be the most memorable holiday for me.

This never could have happened if it weren’t for Securus Technologies. My fiance had me show him our son’s fingers, toes, arms and legs. I playfully refused to show him anymore. It was truly the closest thing to being right there. I could have never brought our newborn to that prison to see him. I didn’t have the strength physically to do it anyway. But we were able to share the first moments together with our child thanks to Securus Technologies – Christmas Video Visit. You gave me something this Christmas I will never forget. I am so grateful that a program like this exists for inmates, because they are still people too. Thank you so much Securus Technologies.