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Brad Reifler, an investor and longtime portfolio manager recently added Forefront Income Trust as a subsidiary to his company, Forefront Capital. He’s been working hard to create more investment opportunities for those who would otherwise be kept out in the cold on Wall Street, and now Forefront Income Trust is emerging as a trusted investment option. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

For as little as $1,000 investors can now invest in other funds besides those found in the stock market or mainstream investment banks, and you don’t have to be an accredited investor to do so. Reifler doesn’t want investments to simply be the means that portfolio managers make a profit whether giving good or bad advice, he wants the investments to work for investors.

PR News Wire believes that Brad Reifler began his professional executive career in 1982 after graduating from Bowdoin College when he founded Reifler Trading Company. The company started out as a discretionary accounts manager but soon became an institutional research global derivatives and independent futures company, eventually merging with Refco Inc. in 1995.

That same year, he founded a global equity firm, Pali Capital and with that a specialized investment package designed to diversify hedge funds. He was CEO of Pali Capital for 14 years until he founded Forefront Capital in 2009.

For Brad Reifler, his eye-opening experiences led him to open Forefront Capital’s doors not only to the fortune 500 executives and high net worth individuals, but to middle class and small business investors as well.

He himself had had bad a misfortune when he tried to invest in a college savings fund for his children, but found that the investment hadn’t gained the profits it was promised.

According to Market Wired, Brad Reifler started working with the SEC to start a public fund for those who weren’t accredited but had the potential to become good investors. Initially, Forefront Capital’s public fund started with a $2,500 minimum but they now have options to invest for as low as $1,000.