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An investment involves acquiring of assets that the company disposes later for profit. An investment may require the use of large amount of resources. Therefore, every company requires a qualified team which is responsible for identifying and assessing the viability of a potential project. Without professional input in the identification and assessment of a proposed project, the company may end up making huge losses. Since the main aim of a business is to make profits, the company should therefore prioritize the use of professional assessment and management of investment. The purpose of an investment management firm is to make an assessment of investments and provide insights on how to make improvements if necessary.


Sahm Adrangi excelled in his excelled in his education. He graduated from Yale University where he specialized in Economics. He has worked in various organization in different positions. Through the years, he has acquired a lot of experience in the financial sector. He is a real inspiration, his passion and hard work saw him rise up the ranks to become part of the executive of large companies.

The investment management should conduct the evaluation in accordance with the set industry standards and without bias. Some scholars advice the companies to conduct due diligence when looking for professional investment managers. Kerrisdale is a reputable investment management company that has been in operation for years. Sahm Adrangi is the Chief Investment Officer in the company. Recently, he issued a negative report of a company. According to him, the company was not heading in the right way as the business model they have been using is ineffective.


A business model should be easy to understand for all stakeholders. Sahm Adrangi states that the company was using a model that even the investors could not comprehend. The investors are essential in the success of a company, without the confidence and the support of the investors, the company is likely to record low performance. He also continues to express his concern on the associates that the company was using to increase its traffic. The business partners should be credible and have a good reputation, the investors and the customer’s choice is highly influenced by a company’s associates. A company that has credible business partners is likely to attract more investors and clients.


Sahm Adrangi points out that the company should employ modern technology. There is a need by the company to use modern technology in their processes, this has a number of advantages. For example, the company is able to improve its competitiveness in the market.

Madison Street Capital is a privately held international investment-banking firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Since inception in 2005, the company has extended its presence to other continents such as Africa, Asia, and North America. They provide financial services to various sectors such as technology, media, oil and energy, consumer retail, manufacturing, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and transportation. Their experienced and highly qualified team of professionals ensures that it retains its position as one of the best middle market investment banking firms in the country.



Madison Street Capital services



Madison Street Capital provides a broad range of services to their clients. They have developed a system in the corporate finance transactions where all the investors and the business owners mutually benefit from their services. Their services in the business world include corporate advisory, asset management, hedge fund administration services, business valuation, and valuation for corporate financing, financial opinion services, wealth preservation, and tax planning. Madison Street Capital is one of the leading firms in providing acquisition & mergers advisory and corporate financing to various businesses. They have teamed up with United Way in resolving community problems in the fields the education, health, and poverty eradication.



The future for the hedge funds



Madison Street Capital anticipates a general increase in the hedge fund deals in 2016 financial year. There was a 27% rise on the total of the hedge fund sales globally from 32 transactions in 2014 to 42 in 2015. Madison’ Senior Managing Director stated that the hedge fund industry assets had maintained their high performance despite stagnation and bad performance by most hedge fund strategies. The smaller hedge funds have the challenge of developing new capital, therefore, operating below their expectations.



Most institutional investors have also turned to the asset management that will enable them to match the rising liabilities in the market. Businesses have formulated different deal mechanisms that accommodate different buyers and sellers in the financial industry. Other alternative strategies used in the hedge fund industry include restructuring of the transactions as revenue stakes, PE stakes, and PE bolt on among others.



Awards and Recognitions



In 2016, Madison was a finalist as the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year in the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. They have been the recipients of the 15th Annual M &A Advisor Awards for Industrial Deal of the Year, the eighth Annual International M&A Advisor Awards for Cross-Border Deal of the Year, and Seventh Annual Emerging Leaders Awards. In 2015, they received the 10th Annual M&A Advisor Turnaround Awards Refinancing Deal of the Year and the NACVA’s 40 Under 40 Industry Mavericks Award.