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From the Blue Mountains of Australia to uninhabited areas of Alaska the number of people looking to find interesting areas of the world that can be visited in a way that does not cause ecological harm to any tourist destination. Ecotourism options are becoming more popular than ever before as tourists not only wish to get off the beaten path and avoid the more popular areas of the world, but also wish to make sure they are being educated and reducing the impact they have on the world in terms of carbon emissions and damaging activities.


A global move towards ecotourism has seen some unexpected destinations become increasingly important to companies like Wild Ark, a U.S. based ecotourism specialist that educated and entertains its clients on their chosen vacation. Areas of the world, such as the isolated areas of Alaska are growing in importance as visitors wish to find isolated areas of the U.S. state to explore as they view wildlife in their natural habitats; however, working with experienced travel companies and guides is always important as a visitor should be aware of the damage they may do to an ecosystem with their visit.


The Blue Mountains of Australia have become some of the most important areas of the Southern Hemisphere that continue to attract visitors in large numbers, which fits in with the ecotourism belief in low levels of travel to a destination; the Blue Mountains lie just a few miles outside Sydney and can be reached with ease from this major Australian city.


Reconnecting with nature and learning how to protect and enhance the natural wonders of the world is a key aspect of the work of Wild Ark, a travel company that looks to both entertain and inform the visitors it takes around the world. Whether looking close to home with a trip to Alaska or exploring regions of Botswana and South Africa, Wild Ark makes sure visitors reach their destination and stay in an ecologically friendly environment.


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