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Investor and political activist, George Soros, has received much praise this election for his hard work and financial contributions. It is praise that is very well deserved. In previous elections, we have seen his dedication and drive to support the democratic party and protect America. This election is no different, and the stakes are higher than ever and he was fully committed to beating Trump. This election, George Soros continues to display his perseverance and strong moral character while contributing generously both financially and in his ability to be a great leader and example for all billionaire democrats such as himself. Soros has committed to donating millions to support Hillary Clinton’s campaign and has also contributed greatly to other democratic candidates, according to Federal Election Commission records. Interviews with Soros’s associates and fundraising operatives have also proven Soros’s dedication.

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This election, Soros has donated more than $25 million to Clinton’s campaign as well as several other committees and organizations. In addition to the $25 million, George Soros has gathered over $24.9 billion through currency trades. For years, Soros has cared about and supported immigration reform and criminal justice reform. Has also supported religious tolerance. He has given to super PAC, Immigration Voters Win, that commits to increasing turnout among low-propensity Hispanic voters. Especially Hispanic immigrants in swing states. According to Federal Election Commission files, he has donated $7 million to a super PAC called Priorities USA Action, supporting Clinton. Another super PAC that Soros has given generously to is American Bridge 21st Century, which targets Trump. Along with these super PACs, he has contributed to others, as well as several other Democratic party committees and campaigns. One nonprofit organization from this list is the Voting Rights Trust, who aims at fighting conservative attempts to restrict voting. The Voting Rights Trust is run in part by Marc Elias, who is Clinton’s campaign lawyer. Among some of the other committees, organizations, and campaigns he has donated to are America Votes, End Citizens United, Every Voice, and state-based voter mobilization organizations. On the list is also Planned Parenthood, who actively boosts pro-choice candidates who support abortion rights, such as Clinton. As we continue to move down the list we see that he has donated to super PAC Senate Majority PAC. Senate Majority PAC also supports Democratic senate candidates. As election day became nearer and nearer, people began to get nervous and seriously worry about the future of America if Trump were to be elected. Throughout the night, as our eyes stayed focused on the television, we saw the votes pouring in, and the two candidates were neck and neck until the very end. When the voting was over, Trump became the president-elect. The agenda for a Tuesday morning “conversation with George Soros” shares his terrifying experience living through the holocaust and preparing for a Trump presidency.  Also, he has committed and devoted himself to protecting open societies around the world, including those in the USA that are now being threatened.

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