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Technology has revolutionized several industrial sectors beyond the imagination of the public. However, the education sector has become a huge beneficiary courtesy of the creation of online study portals. A case study of Wessex Institute of Technology’s e-library sheds light on the extent of technology in the education sector.

Content available in the portal is subdivided into seven core research sections:

  • Engineering Sciences-this section covers journals from renown authors from 1993 to 2016. Each journal contains detailed information regarding various forms of engineering.
  • The Built Environment- the built environment focuses on concepts ranging from sustainable development to defense sites.
  • Modeling and Simulation- this discipline focuses on architectural designs such as experimental measurements & computational methods.
  • Biomedicine and Health- this subsection specializes in environmental health & modeling in science.
  • Ecology and Environment- this subsection focuses on various forms of pollution.
  • Information and Communication Technologies-this field focuses on risk analysis and data management.
  • State of the Art in Science and Engineering- this discipline specializes in composites, transportation planning & management.

Fortunately, readers can access such journals for free and are available in pdf format.

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