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This letter is a thank you Securus Technology. Because of you, My small child and I were able to visit my fiance who is serving in prison. I was not aware that such a program even existed. My fiance is the father of our child and he was not able to be present during the birth process. He was very sad about it and I became depressed. Due to complications of my pregnancy, I was not able to recover as quickly as I expected. However, one of my friends told me about Securus Technolgy. I spoke to my fiance about it and he got me more information. I was put in contact with the right people from the prison institution and was approved for a video visit. How happy I was because it was just in time for the Christmas holidays.I was given an appointed time for the video visit just like it would be if I was there in person.


Thanks to Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit program, I was able to see my fiance. We had not seen one another in a few months due to the complications of my pregnancy. I couldn’t hold back the tears.We had a wonderful visit. It was great to see him live and not just hear his voice over the phone.I really wanted to surprise him with a visit for Christmas, although I wasn’t feeling well myself. Because of the Securus Technologies, my Christmas Video Visit will make this year be the most memorable holiday for me.

This never could have happened if it weren’t for Securus Technologies. My fiance had me show him our son’s fingers, toes, arms and legs. I playfully refused to show him anymore. It was truly the closest thing to being right there. I could have never brought our newborn to that prison to see him. I didn’t have the strength physically to do it anyway. But we were able to share the first moments together with our child thanks to Securus Technologies – Christmas Video Visit. You gave me something this Christmas I will never forget. I am so grateful that a program like this exists for inmates, because they are still people too. Thank you so much Securus Technologies.

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