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Alexandre Gama is a Brazilian entrepreneur. Gama has achieved success in the advertising and communications industry. Alexandre Gama is currently the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer of Neogama. Neogama has established a reputation as one of the top advertising agencies in Brazil. Gama previously lead BBH as their Global Chief Creative Officer.

After receiving his education in communications and advertising, Gama started his career as a copywriter. Eventually, his hard work was recognized, as he earned numerous awards throughout Brazil. Gama serves on the board of the Brazilian Association of Advertising. Gama has also worked with the Film Jury of the British Foundation.

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Gama has a special interest in the music industry. He has helped out on many special music projects throughout Brazil. Gama showcased his work at the Brazilian Art Museum, and also had the opportunity to partner with Briggs Automotive Company.

Gama has won numerous awards throughout Brazil on his way to being honored as a great professional in Brazilian history.

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