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Enhanced Athlete located in Cheyenne, Wyoming is focused on development of larger muscles through exercise, optimum nutrition and dietary supplementation. To meet the needs of bodybuilding customers, there’s a coaching program, which includes a personalized plan, diet and meal prep guide and a custom workout. Enhanced Athlete specializes in supplementation for advanced bodybuilding. Because advanced bodybuilders require products  for wellness and bulking. Products are available directly from the company or can be purchased from select partners. As a company, Enhanced Athlete continues to grow in popularity among dedicated bodybuilders, those who believe in the products. This has allowed the company to expand internationally. Global partners include: Mexico, Columbia, New Delhi, Korea and Brazil and online at Enhanced Athlete Europe.


The goal at Enhanced Athlete is to shattered the boundaries of what the body can achieve through a disciplined workout program and dietary supplementation. The product line includes cross linked Hyaluronic Acid, Complex Protein (made with six different types of protein) and patented synergistic blends. One of the most popular products  made by the company is OstaMuscle Ostarine. Hardcore bodybuilders and workout enthusiasts feel that this is one of the best products on the market. Due to the patented ingredients, which help shed extra fat, for a lean, muscular physique. According to the online reviews, Enhanced Athlete has come with the right product for bulking before a show. Another talked about product is Genius, which is listed as a, “Clinically Dosed Nootropic.” It received 4.5 stars out of 5 in online reviews. A Nootropic is a product that is manufactured to increase cognitive ability.


Customers can purchase a variety of products online, including memory enhancing products , strength boosters, fat burning and slimming creams, and specialty items, such as Safer Lock Combination Locking Caps. The caps are designed to prevent unauthorized access to prescription medications. Besides the products, Enhanced Athlete has a clothing line with premium blend tees, performance shorts, tanks, sweat pants and accessory items. As a company, the formulations offered by Enhanced Athlete are unique to the dietary marketplace. The ingredients are made from proprietary formulas and then tested with advanced research. There are sports products  for every class of athlete. But, the direct emphasis is on bodybuilders and those professionally involved in heavy lifting.


As with most companies, Enhanced Athlete is interested in building and marketing its brand. Therefore they have partnered with Dr. Tony Huge to promote their products. Dr. Tony Huge is the face of Enhanced Athlete and he also offers advice and provides training videos for advanced bodybuilders. The goal of Dr. Tony and Enhanced Athlete is to offer products and products  that lead to huge gains, without steroids. That’s not all, because the products also include products  for joint health, brain and cognitive development, and lean muscularity. Nutrition and dietary products  are offered in combination with good workout methods and consistency. Dr. Tony Huge maintains a Twitter page with updates about Enhanced Athlete products and the latest in training techniques for exceptional gains.

Sussex Healthcare is not like most of the healthcare companies that are available in the market. The institution was founded by Shafik Sachedina and a team of professionals several years ago, and it has been successful in its missions. Impressing customers who are mentally disabled is not a walk in the park. The health facility has been achieving its milestones because of the standards it has set.

Sussex Healthcare deals with the needs of the people suffering from physical disabilities, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, learning disabilities, neurological disorders and the elderly. These groups of people get comprehensive care from the staff at Sussex to help them live a comfortable life. Sussex Healthcare’s goal is to give a multi-level treatment to their patients to help them deal with emotional, physical, emotional and mental health.

The professionals who are given opportunities in the facility take all the responsibilities seriously, ensuring that the sick people are comfortable in whatever situations they are facing. Unlike most medical companies, Sussex Healthcare was started by a professional who understands all the secrets in medicine, and this explains why it has kept on growing, despite the hardships investors face in medicine.


Last month, Sussex Healthcare declared that it had a top vacant position that needed to be filled by one of the leaders in the successful market. The company announced the vacancy in the company website for a while, and candidates were allowed enough time to apply. After a long wait, the institution has finally appointed a professional who will be able to fill the position of chief executive officer. According to the news that were issued in the company website, one of the most vocal women in healthcare management, Amanda Taylor will be getting the position of CEO in the medical facility. Taylor is the most suitable candidate for the respectable position. First of all, she has worked for several institutions in the past, and she knows the duties she will be handling as the company CEO.

In a recent interview, Amanda Taylor said that she was very happy and anxious to be the new chief executive officer for the growing healthcare company. Taylor has taken her time to learn the company operations before she can officially start her duties in the company, and this simply shows that she is committed in all her duties in the large company. Amanda has already stated her important agenda as she assumes the prestigious position, and everyone is waiting to see the amount of change she will introduce in the large company. Her previous leadership positions in several companies helped her to get the top position. The large company, on its side, says that it is happy to have Amanda Taylor on board. The businesswoman was chosen to fill the position after a lot of consultations in the top management of the institution.

For more information about Sussex Healthcare, just click here.