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When we noticed a spike in crimes in our city, we deployed a team of investigators to try and put a stop to the incidents. I was part of that team, and we began our efforts trying to get a read on who was responsible for the crimes. It came to be that a local gang was trying to expand their territory, and when they crossed over the boundaries of a rival gang, all hell broke loose. In order to get back control of the city and prevent further crimes, we needed to find the guilty parties and make arrests.


The trouble with gang violence is you never get help from informants for a number of reasons. Either these folks do not want to turn in friends or they are in fear of their family becoming the targets of violence. If we were going to break this case open, we needed to get the word on who we should start focusing on. We decided to try and get some inmates in the local jail to talk to us about the gangs.


The minute we arrived, the gangs behind bars ignored our request for a meeting, they wouldn’t even speak when we were present. It appeared their leader told everyone to be completely quiet, and they certainly were. Lucky for my team, we knew that Securus Technologies installed their monitoring system throughout the facility. This Dallas-based monitoring company already places these systems in 2,500 jails, and it was going to be the key resource in our efforts to stop crimes in the city from continuing.


Once the LBS software began scanning the calls, one low-level gang member lost control and began ranting to his family how his cousin needs to stop with those crimes because the leaders are coming down hard on him. With that lead, we followed the cousin and caught him in the act that week.


The marriage of Walmart and Beneful is one that has produced many happy customers. Someone who has questions about this brand may shop the Walmart shelves, and they will find everything from the food fortified with salmon to rollback prices. This article briefly touches on how the Beneful brand has become a favorite at every Walmart store.

#1: The Partnership Of Walmart And Beneful

Walmart has offered a number of deals on Beneful dog food, and they have ensured that the company has their products displayed prominently in each store. The brand is often the subject of good value deals for customers, and they will carry everything from the most standard flavor to the salmon dishes for dogs.

#2: Carrying All Three Styles

There is wet food, dry food and a treat package through Beneful, and each of these products is an interesting choice for customers. The customer who wishes to feed their dogs just after coming to Walmart will find that they may do so without any reservation. The store has everything the customer needs, and the store has these items at prices that are much better than any other.

#3: Walmart Is Easy To Shop

Walmart has been proven to be easy to shop, and there is no change when a customer has a look at the way the Beneful display looks. Someone who come to Walmart to purchase Beneful will find the dog food easy to locate, and they will find a large backstock of Beneful dog food to choose form.

Dog owners and lovers alike must ensure that they are shopping for Beneful at Walmart every time they leave for the store. The company has made a commitment to Beneful, and they are selling this lovely dog food to customers in the simplest and cheapest manner possible.

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Logan stout is one of the most sought keynote speakers in the world and has over the past years strived to drive his current ventures into some of the most fruitful and outrageous. Besides, he is a very successful business man, public speaker, and a prolific entrepreneur. He has generated billions of dollars through his successful career and is a team builder.

Logan`s recent venture was in the field of health and wellness and focuses on helping individuals in their bodily problems. Since the launch of the venture in May 2014, the company has partnered with amenable partners like Troy Aikman and many others. Besides, Logan is passionate about building other people’s lives and helping them grow into successful people. Logan has also published many books and also partnered with the people’s magazine that caters for various needs of individuals.

Logan is also the chief executive officer of Dallas Patriot baseball organization where he focuses on growing and empowering the youth. The team is one of the largest in the world and has allowed and focused a large number of young people. Besides, the entrepreneur believes in the essence of coming up with new ideas hence he encourages investors to be idealistic as it helps them grow their businesses if they bring the ideas in life.

Besides, he encourages people to focus on their health and wellness so as to avoid unnecessary illnesses. Logan Stout also emphasizes the importance of eating clean food and using clean equipment, especially when handling children. On the other hand, Logan insists on the importance of building oneself and personal growth. He believes that self-growth leads to more innovation for the better future.

On the other hand, Logan urges investors to be team builders and work together with their employees. He believes that when many ideas come to life, they help a business to grow and out-stand among others. He has also demonstrated team work through his many partnerships with various companies to help each other grow their ventures.

Besides, the entrepreneur believes in the importance of conducting the right activity at the right time and encourages investors to focus on the activities of their employees to avoid failure to accomplish their business goals.

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Human rights are the core of every society, and they are important as they help to dictate the manner in which individuals should associate with others. Additionally, human rights contribute to protecting the provisions of individuals whose privileges may end up being abused by those in power.

The human rights encompass the basic norms that outline the various standards that are typically associated with the behavior of people.

Human rights are frequently seen to be provisions that cannot be denied at any moment to an individual, and every person is fully entitled to them basically because they are alive. However, in most cases, it is common to find that the human rights are abused since most of the individuals in power tend to force their way to get what they need.

In the process, most of the human rights end up being neglected, and that is the reason why human rights groups such as Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund was formed.

Some of the individuals in the society whose rights usually end up being abused since they have no power to control what happens to them include immigrants, refugees, women, journalists, and children who are neglected by the parents.

In cases of civil appraisal within a country, most human rights are overlooked as there is no law to guide the activities that are being undertaken and this leads to untold suffering being extended upon the individuals those rights are abused.

Michael Lacey was born to a construction worker in Newark, New Jersey. He always had the push to investigate and had previously published an article in the Phoenix New Times about the role of media network coverage on the protests in campuses.

On the other hand, Jim Larkin was a student of Arizona State University, and he teamed up with Michael Lacey to advocate for the activities of Phoenix New Times. In the course of their careers, fate led them towards establishing an organization that would help them to fight for civil rights.

The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund was founded after the right to expression of Jim Larkin, and Michael Lacey was abused. As a result, they became entitled to a settlement as decided by the court. After their release, Jim and Lacey felt the great need to ensure that the rights other individuals like them are not abused.

Therefore, they donated the whole amount that resulted from the court settlement towards the creation of an organization that would continually protect the rights of other disadvantaged people in the society. The Lacey and Larkin Frontera fund also focuses on protection of migrants, human, and civil rights.

Another group that has dedicated itself to fight for the protection of human rights is the Anti-Defamation League which happens to be one of the oldest human rights protection foundations. It was established with the sole purpose of ensuring that the rights of Jews are not abused. The organization was formed in 1913 when most of the Jews were being persecuted due to their religious affiliation.

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About Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund


When Tammy Mazzocco began work as a real estate secretary she never dreamed that she would someday become a successful real estate sales person. But that is just what has happened. As a secretary for several years, Tammy observed first-hand how people would get into sales and do very well. So, one day she made the decision and it has worked out wonderfully well for her.

She learned early on that the only things that work well are activities where you are in direct contact with people. One of the most profitable activities in that regard is the process of showing real houses to real potential customers. Tammy works in Pickerington, Ohio and its four surrounding counties, so there is plenty of room to share and time to spend showing potential customers their possible new homes. Visit Ideamensch to know more.

Tammy likes to make goals for her activities on a daily basis. Then she will break them down into more workable “bites” so they are more easily accomplished. Having her objectives near all of the time makes it easier to stay on track and accomplish more.

When people are looking for a house in a new area they are always somewhat out of sorts. Sometimes they are a lot out of sorts, so Tammy makes it a point to walk in their shoes a bit and try to take some of the load off of them.

When people understand that a sales person cares and is willing to go the extra mile to make things work out, they are more likely going to do business. That is exactly the role that Tammy likes to fill, because when she can put them at ease, good things begin to happen. People do know what they want, sometimes they just have to be reassured. Tammy does a great job in this area and her results show this.

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