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Ken Goodgame is the current Chief Merchandising Officer and the Senior Vice President of True Value Company. He joined the company 20 years ago gathering more than 20 years of experience in retail and consumer packaged goods from various other companies that he worked with.

According to Bloomberg, Kenneth Goodgame worked at Techtronic Industries in North America in 2008. He led the dramatic turnaround of a $75 million worth firm; Baja Motorsports – a subsidiary company of Techtronic – by launching a new retail division that delivered the company’s first yearly profit of $5 million.

He achieved this by instituting new compliance procedures, resolved prevalent environmental protection fines as well as restructuring the company. He improved products quality, drove immediate growth in sales and identified opportunities for consolidation with other production firms in China.

As if that was not enough, Kenneth was employed at Ace Hardware Corporation in 2010. He implemented a revolutionary Craftsman program that grew the hand tool division from $8 million to $180 million in sales.

He also managed the firm profit and loss for over $3.2 billion in global purchasing covering 78,000 stock keeping units (SKUs) as the department manager, driving 70% of corporate strategy.

Kenneth Goodgame joined True Value Company on November 6th, 2013. He brought with him advanced executive leadership from hardware manufacturing, consumer goods and retail. He is an expert at merchandise planning, gross margin management, product assortments and private label strategies that focus on stimulating high-performance teams and innovation.

Kenneth Goodgame has served in various companies including Home Depot, Newell Rubbermaid in the SHUR-LINE businesses as well as at Bernzomatic and Cleaning subsidiary.

At Home Depot, Kenneth Goodgame served as the proprietary manager, launching a product for the company’s RIDGID brand. He was regarded as the product evangelist who had a strong customer focus, a consistent urge to drive results or improve performance not to mention his renowned leadership skills.

Kenneth Goodgame graduated from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Marketing.

WEN Hair's Cleansing Conditioner

The idea of hair washing may seem like a simple idea. You take a shampoo and maybe a conditioner and you are all set. This may not be all that is needed. If you have dry hair, you may need to add a moisturizer. If you have thick hair, you may need a detangler. If you have damaged hair, you may need to add a deep conditioner. Depending on the type of hair you have, you may need to use more than just a shampoo and a conditioner.

For someone who wants a truly simple hair washing experience, there is a solution. WEN hair care’s cleansing conditioner is one product that takes the place of all those other products.

Chaz Dean (@CHAZDEAN) is a stylist with a long list of A-list clients. His journey to developing Wen by Chaz began many years ago when he was helping another company develop their own products. Chaz wanted a product that was great for cleaning the hair but also helped make the hair better and healthier.

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His cleansing conditioner is used on all of his celebrity clients and the product has many amazing reviews to back up the product. This product was also formulated to be used on any hair type. With a product as easy to use as this and that can be used by anyone, it is no wonder so many people are falling in love with WEN cleansing conditioner.

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Technology has revolutionized several industrial sectors beyond the imagination of the public. However, the education sector has become a huge beneficiary courtesy of the creation of online study portals. A case study of Wessex Institute of Technology’s e-library sheds light on the extent of technology in the education sector.

Content available in the portal is subdivided into seven core research sections:

  • Engineering Sciences-this section covers journals from renown authors from 1993 to 2016. Each journal contains detailed information regarding various forms of engineering.
  • The Built Environment- the built environment focuses on concepts ranging from sustainable development to defense sites.
  • Modeling and Simulation- this discipline focuses on architectural designs such as experimental measurements & computational methods.
  • Biomedicine and Health- this subsection specializes in environmental health & modeling in science.
  • Ecology and Environment- this subsection focuses on various forms of pollution.
  • Information and Communication Technologies-this field focuses on risk analysis and data management.
  • State of the Art in Science and Engineering- this discipline specializes in composites, transportation planning & management.

Fortunately, readers can access such journals for free and are available in pdf format.

Madison Street Capital is a privately held international investment-banking firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Since inception in 2005, the company has extended its presence to other continents such as Africa, Asia, and North America. They provide financial services to various sectors such as technology, media, oil and energy, consumer retail, manufacturing, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and transportation. Their experienced and highly qualified team of professionals ensures that it retains its position as one of the best middle market investment banking firms in the country.



Madison Street Capital services



Madison Street Capital provides a broad range of services to their clients. They have developed a system in the corporate finance transactions where all the investors and the business owners mutually benefit from their services. Their services in the business world include corporate advisory, asset management, hedge fund administration services, business valuation, and valuation for corporate financing, financial opinion services, wealth preservation, and tax planning. Madison Street Capital is one of the leading firms in providing acquisition & mergers advisory and corporate financing to various businesses. They have teamed up with United Way in resolving community problems in the fields the education, health, and poverty eradication.



The future for the hedge funds



Madison Street Capital anticipates a general increase in the hedge fund deals in 2016 financial year. There was a 27% rise on the total of the hedge fund sales globally from 32 transactions in 2014 to 42 in 2015. Madison’ Senior Managing Director stated that the hedge fund industry assets had maintained their high performance despite stagnation and bad performance by most hedge fund strategies. The smaller hedge funds have the challenge of developing new capital, therefore, operating below their expectations.



Most institutional investors have also turned to the asset management that will enable them to match the rising liabilities in the market. Businesses have formulated different deal mechanisms that accommodate different buyers and sellers in the financial industry. Other alternative strategies used in the hedge fund industry include restructuring of the transactions as revenue stakes, PE stakes, and PE bolt on among others.



Awards and Recognitions



In 2016, Madison was a finalist as the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year in the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. They have been the recipients of the 15th Annual M &A Advisor Awards for Industrial Deal of the Year, the eighth Annual International M&A Advisor Awards for Cross-Border Deal of the Year, and Seventh Annual Emerging Leaders Awards. In 2015, they received the 10th Annual M&A Advisor Turnaround Awards Refinancing Deal of the Year and the NACVA’s 40 Under 40 Industry Mavericks Award.

Kenneth Goodgame is an executive in marketing and merchandising. He pursued his undergraduate degree of Bachelor of Science in Finance and Marketing at the University of Tennessee. Mr. Goodgame joined True Value Hardware Corporation as the Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer (SVP CMO) in 2013, replacing Mike Clark who had announced his retirement during the firm’s restructuring of its logistics, supply chain, and global distribution network.

Before joining True Value in Chicago, Illinois, he worked at Ace Hardware Corporation as the General Merchandising Manager. He has also worked at Techtronic Industries North America, Newell Rubbermaid, and The Home Depot.

Kenneth Goodgame increases corporate performance and profitability by promoting growth through quality improvements, leadership, cost analysis, productivity enhancements and composed negotiations while delivering organizational alignment, key performance indicators, quality assurance systems and employee engagement. With over twenty years’ experience in the industry, Kenneth easily navigates market shifts, avoiding costly mistakes unknown to others.

Having specialized in creating million and billion dollar OEM excellence using a combination of innovative marketing, merchandising, effective financial oversight and smart business strategy thanks to his skills in profit and loss management, Kenneth Goodgame has established his name in the retail industry.

In 2015, Mr. Goodgame was responsible for running an expanded national TV branding campaign for True Value which would supplement any circulars that retailers were already distributing. He recently relocated to the state of Arizona where he applies innovation, ingenious methods and authoritative talents that allow him to implement his concepts and strategies for company growth fully.

According to Citrite, Kenneth Goodgame contribution to Home Depot’s Husky brand in finally overtaking Sears in the hand power tool sector and starting an average of 220 stores every year has spurred the growth of different brands and led to the installation of new stores countrywide over the years.

Kenneth Goodgame frequently shares his thoughts on the marketing industry on where he interacts with other professionals in the industry. Kenneth has been labeled as a merchandising concepts expert because of his successes and vast experience.