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Securus Technologies is a leading communications company that provides services for incarcerated inmates. They provide top of the line technology and advancements that allow them to stay in contact with their loved ones and family members. They have recently announced the release of a new software called Investigator Pro 4.0 that has been released by JLG Technologies. The software is responsible for accurately searching for voices within the phone calls that are made inside the correctional facilities. The voice activated technology will help eliminate crime and help prevent the action from happening. It’s the first software of this nature to be released in the market and allows investigators to find a voice sample from either the inmate or the part that was called outside of the facility. They then have the ability to use the sample to search for all other phone calls that were made where that same voice occurs. The technology has allowed investigators to uncover gang related crimes and other dangerous activities that are occurring. The technology offers a searchable voice feature that makes it possible to follow a certain voice. It has made it possible for investigators to now know what the other inmates are talking about when making contact with outside people and whether or not the party that was called had ever been incarcerated. It also allows the ability for them to find out if any of the current inmates are talking to inmates that have been released.


Securus Technologies is located in Dallas, Texas, where they serve more than 3450 public safety officials and over one millions inmates across the world. They work hard to offer the best possible services available to incarcerated inmates allowing them to connect with their family members and loved ones.



Venezuelan Songstress Norka Luque Takes on the World of Latin Music

Norka Luque, known simply as “Norka,” is a Latin singing sensation who has found success with a dreamy style that incorporates a jazzy upbeat feel. The Venezuelan chanteuse, who was originally discovered by legendary Latin music producer Emilio Estefan, has been singing since the age of 13. Since beginning her association with Estefan four years ago, she has worked with some of the top Latin session musicians and songwriters in the production of her two hit singles. In an interview with a Venezuelan website, Norka said, “I come from a blessed family, from far-flung places, full of experiences, life lessons, other languages and cultures, that led me to realize that music was my destiny.”


Originally from Caracas, Norka  Luque spent her childhood studying dance and performance, and decided to continue her studies in France, earning degrees in Culinary Arts, Marketing, and Fashion. It was during her time abroad that her professional career began to take shape when she started singing with a band. The experience proved invaluable and led her to take her craft more seriously. She soon decided to pursue a career in music, and shortly after moving to Miami, she embarked on a professional career. She began her collaboration with Estefan four years ago, and his mentoring and expertise have been key to her success. Her first single “Miracle” was a success that combined Caribbean and Mediterranean rhythms in a quick and catchy pop track. A number of well-known arrangers, musicians, and songwriters, such as the Gaitán brothers, Archie Pena, and Luigi Giraldo helped Norka craft a debut song that charted in the US, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela in 2012.


Norka followed up the success of “Miracle,” with “Ese Es Mi Cariño” (This is My Love), which was also written by the Gaitán brothers. The tune has a more tropical feel along with a dance beat and features Puerto Rican reggaeton team Angel and Chriz. Norka is not slowing down, however. The singer continues to make music that crosses national borders and cultural boundaries. It is her goal to infuse her unique style with a positive message and a contagious beat.


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