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Jail is not a good place to be and it can be tougher on young children with a parent locked away behind bars. Kids should not have to do time with their incarcerated parents. Unfortunately, many of them do. Securus is a communications technology company that provides inmate communications for prison facilities.

I recently discovered a video that showcased the Video Visitation App by Securus. This application was created by Securus to help inmates to keep in touch with their families. This is a great service because jailed moms and dads can still see their kids without having to lose time because they are behind bars.

That is one problem that all incarcerated moms and dads experience. That is lost time with their children. Securus technology allows a family member to download the Video Visitation App from the Google or Apple store and then install it on their phone. Once they contact a prison facility and are approved for visits; they can talk to their inmate loved ones during scheduled visiting times.

Back to the video I saw about the Video Visitation App. On this particular video, Securus showed an inmate looking at his 1-month old child who was watching cartoons, dancing around and having fun in their room.

I really understand how important Securus’s video technology really is. I am glad this this company has created this technology for people. I hope to see more of it in the future. If can log onto to learn more about the Video Visitation App and all that it can do for inmates and their families.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.